Our Advantages

How FlowX Finance differs from other DEX?
FlowX Finance stands out by prioritizing the improvement of the DeFi user experience with a variety of advanced features. Our platform offers multi-token swap function, a liquidity management dashboard, position migrating, and a decentralized exchange aggregator.
  • Multi-token swap: FlowX Finance provides a unique feature in multi-token trades that enables users to exchange from one token to multiple tokens, and vice versa, in a single transaction. This functionality enables users to efficiently create an investment portfolio with allocated capital for each asset, or rapidly convert multiple tokens into a single token.
  • Position Migrating: FlowX Finance allows users to effortlessly move their Liquidity Positions between AMM DEXs while ensuring minimal slippage.
  • DEX Aggregator: By pooling liquidity from various DEXs, FlowX Finance optimizes user trading by providing better prices, lower transaction costs, and reduced slippage compared to trading on any single DEX.
  • Farming as a Service: FaaS provides new projects with a convenient and efficient way to launch their token's liquidity pool. By utilizing FlowX's FaaS, projects can reduce their contract creation costs and reach a wider user base.
  • One-stop Project Launch: This package includes all the necessary features for a team to successfully launch a project on Sui such as raising funds, initiating and bootstrapping liquidity, providing market maker volume services, and among others.