🚰Farming as a Service

Besides supporting new projects easily and conveniently when launching liquidity pools on FlowX, Farming as a Service (FaaS) also supports projects:

  • Projects can reduce their contract creation costs, reach a wider user base and bootstrap liquidity in a pool by incentivizing liquidity providers with token emissions.

  • Creating FaaS on FlowX is permissionless. Projects can create their own liquidity pools (if not already on FlowX) and then initialize farming pools.

  • In addition, if projects want to integrate FaaS into the project's dapp, we have a complete set of SDKs for projects.

FaaS is a choice for you when solving issues related to liquidity and you will be able to make the most suitable decisions for your project.

⛔ Some IMPORTANT NOTE before creating a farm

It is highly suggested to carefully read and understand this entire guide before creating a farm.

Besides creating farming pools for available pools on FlowX, if you want to create farming pools for new pools on FlowX, you can directly create a new pool and add liquidity to that pool, then create a farming pool for that pool.

Setting Reward and Duration: With FaaS, project teams can crowdsource liquidity from the community in a decentralized manner, so setting up reward and duration is very important.


  • The project can choose tokens to reward farming pool participants. The project can choose up to 2 tokens in the pool to reward users.

  • Regarding the number of reward tokens: The project will have to choose the reward to suit the duration of the farming pool. The reward per second will not be less than 1 token unit. That's why the project must choose a reasonable reward pool.


  • The duration of farming pool is not limited, projects can choose farming pool to take place in a short period of time (a few days) or take place over a longer period of time (a few weeks, a few months).

  • But projects must note that the farming pool's duration must be consistent with the reward pool that the project has added to the farming pool.

🔌Creating a Farming as a Service

  • Connect wallet and choose target liquidity pool

  • Go into: https://flowx.finance/faas and click “New FaaS pool.” Make sure your wallet is connected.

  • Search for the liquidity pool you want to create a farm for in the drop-down menu or by pasting the AMM ID. Every new farm must be linked to an AMM ID. The same AMM ID can be used for more than one farm on SUI.

NOTE: If you want to create a Farming as a Service for a pool that is not on FlowX, you can directly create a new pool and add liquidity to that pool.

  • Set up duration and rewards:

Rewards: Choose the reward token and amount to be emitted from the farm. Farms support a minimum of 1 reward token and a maximum of 2 reward tokens.

Duration and Start Time: Choose a duration for farming period. The period for farming pool is not limited to the number of days (projects can choose the duration for farming pool depending on the project plan). Then select the date and time for the farming to start. The farming end time will be calculated accordingly.

Some important notes:

  • Rewards allocated to farms are final and cannot be withdrawn once the farm is created. Additional rewards can be added to the farm, more details on adding rewards are below.

  • After the start time, rewards are only emitted if there are LP tokens staked in the farm. Meaning APR may remain at 0% if there are no users staking LP tokens at the start. In this case, you may want to consider staking a small amount of LP tokens to ensure APR displays properly.

  • Make sure to confirm that rewards, duration and start time are correct. These can not be changed once the farm is created.

  • Confirm that your wallet has 100 SUI for the creation fee, then click 'CONFIRM'.

That's it, your farm should be live right after clicking “CONFIRM". You can click the “Farm as a Service” tab on the Farm tab to view your farms.

🚜 Farming at Community Pool

1. Check out existing Farming as a Service (FaaS) Pools on FlowX

Go into FaaS to check all available FaaS pools on FlowX Finance

NOTE: To join FaaS pools on FlowX, you need LP tokens of the token pair you want to join.

2. Add liquidity and take LP Token

Go to Portfolio tab, then click “New Position”

Click to “Select 2 tokens” to choose the pool you want to add liquidity

NOTE: If you cannot find the token you want to add liquidity to, you can copy the token contract of that token here, then select to add liquidity.

Select the number of tokens of each type that you want to add liquidity to the pool (you need to make sure there are enough for both tokens), then click "Supply"

After adding liquidity, you will receive the LP token of Liquidity pool you just added, you can check it in your wallet.

3. Stake LP Token to Pool

Choose a FaaS pool you want to enjoy, then click to them

Click here to choose the amount of LP token you want to deposit to the FaaS pool, then click “Confirm”


  • You can check your pending reward and can claim all pending rewards by clicking “Harvest”.

  • You can Deposit more LP token to the FaaS pool by clicking “Deposit”. After you add more LP Tokens to the FaaS pool you added previously, the rewards will be automatically harvested and sent to your wallet.

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