Liquidity Pools

FlowX Finance offers two distinct liquidity pools to users: the Stable Pool and the Volatile Pool.
Volatile Pools are volatile pools of liquidity (similar to Uniswap v2) among asset classes with volatile prices following divergence. For example USDT vs SUI or ETH vs SUI.
Volatile pairs are formed by combining uncorrelated assets, and they utilize the conventional Uniswap V2 model with the standard constant product formula.
Stable Pools are pools of stable liquidity similar to Curve) between asset classes with low-volatility prices compared to others. For example USDT vs USDC.
Another case is derivative assets, for example, stETH and ETH. Although ETH is a volatile asset, the trading pair between stETH and ETH should be considered a stable pool because the price of stETH does not fluctuate too much compared to ETH.
Stable pairs on FlowX Finance are designed for correlated assets and aim to maintain a 1:1 transfer ratio between them as much as possible.

How to Add Liquidity

Go to Portfolio tab, then click “New Position”
Click to “Select 2 tokens” to choose the pool you want to add liquidity. (If you cannot find the token you want to add liquidity to, you can copy the token contract of that token here, then select to add liquidity)
Select the number of tokens of each type that you want to add liquidity to the pool (you need to make sure there are enough for both tokens), then click "Supply”