๐ŸšŠxFLX Governance Token

xFLX is a unique system that FlowX Finance has learned from other high-performance protocols.

By using FLX directly as a pass to access utilities for FlowX Finance Holders, it provide simplicity and convenience for holders. However, this also brings liquidity risks to the token because there are no constraints or separate rights for long-term investors compared to short-term speculators.

Therefore, to address this concern, we have separated the FlowX Finance token system into 2 tokens: FLX and xFLX. FLX is used for liquidity and speculation purposes, while xFLX is used to access utilities such as Boost Yield, Dividend, Governance, etc for long-term supporters.

Conversion mechanism

xFLX and FLX can be converted back and forth through the Convert Room.


FLX can always be instantly converted to xFLX at a ratio of 1:1


To convert from xFLX to FLX, users have the option to choose a conversion time ratio.

The longer the conversion time, up to 90 days, the higher the conversion ratio from xFLX to FLX will be at 1:1.

Not selecting a conversion time will allow for instant conversion of xFLX to FLX at a ratio of 10:1

Among these, "t" represents the time converted into days.

We believe that this new system will provide our investors with greater flexibility and options in managing their investments, while also reducing liquidity risks for the protocol's tokenomic.

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