FlowX Swap, our core product, represents a new approach to optimizing the user experience in decentralized exchanges. By leveraging the flexibility features of the Move language, FlowX is able to offer a superior user experience when compared to traditional AMMs:
  • Allows swapping from one token to multiple tokens and vice versa.
  • Aggregates liquidity from other DEXs within the Sui ecosystem to optimize prices and reduce slippage.

How to Swap on FlowX Finance

On FlowX, we support users as much as possible in Swap tokens. We have developed Aggregator to help users find the best route with optimal slippage, avoiding affecting the swap experience. Besides, we support One to Many swap users to ensure convenience for users without worrying about LP slippage and to boost ecosystem liquidity.
In order to swap, access the Swap tab.

Swap a token to another token

  • Select the token you'd like to swap
  • Type the amount
  • Select the token you would like to receive
  • Click on “Swap” button
**** Note: You can view detailed information about the order you want to swap such as: Slippage, Rate, Price Impact, Fee, Route by clicking on the "Trade Details" button.*

Multi-token swap

You can choose to swap from one token to multiple tokens on FlowX, select the "Add token" button in your Swap screen.
  • Select the tokens you want to receive (You can choose a maximum of 5 tokens)
• Select the percentage of each token you want, then click "Swap Anyway" button (FlowX will recommend the best route for the advanced swap you desire.)

Change the “Slippage Tolerance”

  • To be able to change Slippage Tolerance, users click on the "Gear" icon on the right corner.
  • Click to "Expert Mode" then enter: "CONFIRM" to confirm that you definitely want to switch Expert Mode.
  • After that, you can choose the amount of the slippage tolerance you would like.