Claim Token

How to claim FLX tokens when participating in external Launchpad

Access the token claim page specifically for external Launchpads.

Step 1:

Access the claim token page exclusively for presale participants at FlowX Finance's Partner Launchpad.

If you purchased the presale at Spores Network, visit:

If you purchased the presale at, visit:

If you purchased the presale at RedKite, visit:

Step 2:

Use the registered Sui wallet with the Launchpad to Connect

Step 3:

After logging in with the registered wallet, the UI will display the amount of FLX and xFLX tokens that you can claim.

Users have the option to Claim or Give Up.

Once claimed, a successful claim notification will appear on the screen and the status will be updated to Claimed.

If the user wishes to request a Refund, they can click on the Give Up instruction and confirm at notification pop-up.


  • Please note that once this action is performed, it cannot be undone.

  • Refunds cannot be obtained directly from FlowX Finance. Instead, they must be claimed through FlowX Finance's Partner Launchpad.

  • The time limit for the "Give Up" action is determined by the refund time policy set by each Partner Launchpad. Once the refund time has expired, users will no longer have the option to Give Up and will only be able to Claim their tokens.

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